Sure do!

 All the time!

What do you mean?

It’s changed names from ThatOneVideoJirard to ThatOneVideoGamer

I want to go to MAGFest really badly, but I can’t afford the entirety of the trip for Me and Greg.  if you guys want us to go to MAGFest, let them know!

Tweet @MAGFest that you want to see us at MAGFest.  Let them know we’re a big deal!

Hey, if it was a real thing, I’d be down.

Aw thank you!!! Pax East is one of my favorite cons.  We will for sure meet up again!!!

Why We Love Gaming is a special series to me, but I’ve been hesitant to start it back up.  It was meant to be a one off series, but a lot of people really like it.  I just remember when I talked about my mom’s death, a ton of people said the worst things on the planet to me, and I just became fueled with such rage that I wish I could punch all of them in the face.  

But I guess that’s what you get when you open yourself up to the public like that.

I don’t know… we’ll see.

Thank you.  I appreciate you taking the time to say something.  The words do mean a ton to me.  Messages like this are always awesome.  And hey, Super Mario World is a great one.

I would say make everything the same - emails, twitters, facebooks, youtube.  Make it easy for your audience.

I think a lot of my desire to complete games came from having a lot of free time.  I couldn’t afford games all the time so with the ones that I did get, I need to try and stretch out the game time as much as I could.  And when I got hired at Best Buy, I felt like completing games as my job as I had to be honest with customers about what games were great and which weren’t.  When I quit Best Buy, I knew that I wanted to keep that aspect of it all.

Tips? Just keep playing until you get better.  Sounds generic, but it works.