Not really sure about the future of the show and what we all will be doing.  It’s something that I tried to avoid planning.  I like what we’re doing and I don’t want to stop.  But who knows, I’d like to think that we can keep it going after I’m gone.  But we shall see.

Keep at it man! We’re stoked to see who comes out of what we create.  And thank you for doing so.

Thank you.  I’m really glad we were able to help.  The support we get is unlike any other.  

I used to love writing and directing films a lot.  Coming up with shorts and sketches, film is my real passion/hobby behind gaming ! Thanks for the love :)


Jirard is the sweetest person to talk to holy fuck. He pmed me after this conversation with all these Movies by Edgar Wright I should watch and heaps of other stuff. Definitely one of my favourite people in the world.


Got to meet Jirard, The Completionist, at SGC this weekend c: Let me just say he’s super freaking awesome.
I believe my first ever convention was a success c:

Hey guys! So if you’ve been keeping up with us on social networking and streams, you’ll know that Jirard (me) is technically on vacation until August 22nd. However, that doesn’t mean videos won’t be posted on the channel.

Back in October of last year, a lot of you may remember there was a BIG copyright strike wipe that happened and a lot of YouTubers lost some of their biggest videos. Well, we were not immune to that, and 6 of our videos were flagged.

With that said, we are remastering the audio and video with a few updated behind the scenes type things on these six videos. 

First up on the list - Borderlands episode 17! One of my favorite games.

Happy 4th of July!


Well guys…we did it.

100 episodes of The Completionist. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for your support. You all have been so wonderful to us here at the show and we love all of you.

Thank you for believing in us.

Also, cool thing - we’ve got 2 new shirts and a DOPE poster from The Yetee!

We’ve got The Completionist Sigil Tshirt and a 100th Completionist NES Cartridge Tshirt. And this poster? Super rad!

Its your own Completionist Poster. You can track the games that you’ve completed yourself and give it your own completionist rating!

If you buy the bundle, you get a limited edition Gold poster!

Thanks again guys


- Dawn of the 99th Game -

Here it is folks! The 99th game is Megaman X3. It was going to be Skyrim but due to game save corruption / hard drive data, it’s being pushed back to episode 106 (which will be the 3rd Year Anniversary of The Completionist)

In the mean time, here’s Megaman X3 and the lead up to episode 100!